Support Services Venue

Venues for contact visits and the like can be hard to find and also facilities are often structured and uninspiring.  This can limit the opportunities to develop and foster positive relationships.

Cedars Forest School provides the children with the freedom to explore new opportunities in our unique woodland setting. The addition of our new ‘Cabin’ (due to be completed in September) provides an extra space that can be used.

With a range of activities available self-confidence, self-esteem and independence are developed seamlessly.

Our trained Forest School Leader will be present throughout, and will facilitate the learning of the children in our safe & secure environment.

Fun is very much at the heart of Cedars Forest School and we regularly enjoy activities such as:

  • Den building
  • Making animal homes
  • Mud creature creations
  • Mini beast hunts
  • Finding fairy hideaways
  • Twig skeletons
  • Using real tools
  • Lighting campfires
  • Woodland treasure hunt

and more…


We are very happy to discuss any specific needs that may be required.  For options and availability please Contact Us and ask for Karen

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