About Us

It is easy to see how children thrive and develop in an outdoor environment.  Forest School Leader and business owner, Karen Meakin-Scott, recognized the worth of the environment and began Cedars Forest School.


Set in lush woodland, surrounded by a picturesque working farm, Cedars Forest School emerged.  Featuring a natural wildlife pond, many trees and other wild flora as well as flourishing wildlife, the space lends itself beautifully to its newfound purpose.  Placed in a small clearing the fire pit further enhances the Forest School experience.  Many children have been enriched through a variety of valuable opportunities in the safe, nurturing environment provided at Cedars Forest School.


Karen Meakin-Scott 

kmsWith nearly 20 years of Primary School experience under her belt along with her love of the great outdoors, Karen has seen first-hand the worth of outdoor learning. Keen to develop opportunities for learning in an outdoor environment Karen extended her skillset and became a qualified Forest School Leader.  Having worked as a Forest School Leader in other environments, Karen set about the task of establishing a dedicated Forest School area, and so Cedars Forest School began.




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